Creative Team

Composer/ Arranger: Mark Hayes Mark Hayes is an award-winning concert pianist, composer, and arranger.  With over 1,000 published works to his credit, Mark is well-known for his unique vocal settings which draw from diverse styles such as gospel, jazz, pop, folk, and classical to achieve a truly "American sound."  His best selling song book series includes such standard classics as "10 Folk Songs for Solo Singers," "10 Spirituals for Solo Singers," and "Broadway for Solo Singers." He has recorded numerous solo piano albums and tours internationally as a concert artist and clincian.  Mark is a graduate of Baylor University. Mark is a recurring recipient of the Stand Award for ASCAP.  "I've Just Seen Jesus," a recording he orchestrated and produced, won the prestigious Dove Award from the Gospel Music Association, which is the equivalent to the Grammy in gospel music.  Mark is a frequent conductor at Carnegie Hall, where several of his original works have been performed.     

Book:  James R. Harris Several years ago, Jim Harris discovered the existence of a diary which was kept by his great-great uncle during the Civil War.  He began giving talks about the diary, ending with the final entry-a plea for reconciliation, healing and forgiveness.  After giving the talk several times, he added music from the Civil War as he read the final diary entry.  Hearing noises in the audience, he looked up to see several members of the audience in tears.  The thought then struck Jim of combining a few true stories of the Civil War with original, unique arrangements of the beautiful songs of the period.  Thus, the idea for a new musical, "Civil War Voices," was born. Jim is a trial lawyer by profession, but his avocation and great love is musical theater.  Inspired by his mother, who attended Juilliard and received a Masters degree in music from Columbia University, Jim has performed in some 50 musical productions, and is also an accomplished singer.  Jim is the winner of the Mayor's Award for Artistic Achievement in Lincoln, Nebraska for his work on the show. 

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